Paint not sticking to ceiling- Quick fix

Paint not sticking to ceiling

When paint doesn’t stick to the ceiling like it should, it’s usually because of a few reasons. Most of the time, the main problem is that the preparation work before painting wasn’t done properly. Making sure everything is ready is super important for a successful paint job. Apart from getting ready properly, you also need … Read more

Why my paint’s not sticking to the primer?

Why my paint's not sticking to the primer

My paint’s not sticking to the primer – what’s the deal? You are not alone, friend. I’ve faced this issue several times in my finishing and painting projects. Luckily, each time, I’ve researched and sought advice from fellow painters and contractors to tackle the problem. In this post, I’ll compile what i have learned so … Read more

Primer before or after Texture?

Primer before or after Texture

In the world of home improvement, getting your walls or ceilings to look just right often means using primer and texture. But there’s a key decision you need to make: Should you use primer before or after texture? In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll explain the pros and cons of both options to help you make … Read more

Priming Over Different Surfaces: A Comprehensive Guide”

Priming Over Different Surfaces

When it comes to painting projects, proper preparation is key to achieving a smooth and lasting finish. Priming is an essential step that ensures paint adhesion and enhances the overall durability of your paint job. In this article, we will delve into the preparatory steps before painting, focusing on whether priming over different surfaces such … Read more

Paint finishes: From color to calculations

Paint finishes

So, you’re ready to plunge into the kaleidoscopic universe of pain finishes, huh? You might believe that dabbing a bit of color on walls is child’s play, but let me throw you a curveball – can you confidently differentiate between eggshell enamel and gloss enamel? And do you really know when to use one over … Read more