Can I Use Dawn to Wash Walls Before Painting? 

If you’re ruminating over which detergent to use to wash your walls, it’s natural to ask: Can I use dawn to wash walls before painting? Dawn is a concentrated detergent popular for its grease-cutting abilities. It also comes in a non-concentrated variant, popularly known as Simply Clean, formulated for basic cleaning tasks such as dish washing. In this blog, we will answer the question on whether you can use dawn to wash walls before painting. We’ll also explore how to use Dawn to wash walls before painting, paints it’s compatible with, and types of surfaces you can use it over. 

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First Thing First: Can I Use Dawn to Wash Walls Before Painting? 

Yes. Dawn, like any other dishwashing soap, is an excellent detergent for washing walls before painting. This detergent is formulated with degreasing power, and it’s able to remove grime, dirt, and dust from walls for better paint adhesion. Dawn is also a mild-formula, so it won’t be harsh on the walls, especially if you intend to achieve a delicate finish. Additionally, it leaves little to no residue behind, so there isn’t any interference with the finish. 

How to Wash Walls Before Painting With Dawn 

Before using Dawn to wash walls, check the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations to ensure you’re on the right track. The good news is that washing walls with Dawn is simple, and here are the steps to follow: 

Handy Tools for the Job


Can I Use Dawn to Wash Walls Before Painting
  • Warm water 
  • Dawn dish soap 
  • Sponge or a soft scrubbing brush 
  • Two buckets 
  • Drop cloths

Step 1: Remove Dust and Other Grime

  • Use a duster or dust mop to remove cobwebs, debris, and dust off the wall surface
  • Always dust from top down so that you don’t have to repeat the process 

Step 2: Protecting the Washing Area 

  • Lay down the drop cloths on the floor along the wall you intend to clean. This step is necessary to protect the floor from the splatters and drips when washing 

Step 3: Mixing the Solutions 

  • Fill one empty bucket with warm water 
  • Add squirts of dawn to the water (one drop or two is enough for a half-gallon of warm water) 

Step 4: Testing the Wall Surface

  • Before washing, it’s important to perform the detergent performance test. Factors to look out for during the test include stain identification and surface compatibility. 

Step 5: Washing the Wall Surface 

  • Now that you’re sure about the performance of the Dawn, dip the sponge inside the bucket-ful of mixture solution and use it to gently rub the walls. 
  • Track areas with grease and other grime and clean them properly 
  • Once done, fill the second bucket with clean water, dip a clean cloth into it, and use the cloth to rinse the walls. 
  • Leave the walls to dry before painting

Summary: Can I Use Dawn to Wash Walls Before Painting? 

Well, up to this point you have the answer and more details. But here is the thing, when someone asks, “can I use dawn to wash walls before painting?” they’re certainly asking whether Dawn is compatible with their walls. Because Dawn is such a mild-cleaner, it works for almost all types of wall-cleaning tasks. It suits tile walls, concrete or brick walls, previously painted walls, drywalls, plaster walls, wooden walls, wall-papered walls and metallic walls. Stay tuned for more, or if you have any question, feel free to roll them to AboutToPaint team for instant answers. Cheers! 

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